Kathleen. Year of 1991. Arizona. Bear Down Wildcats. Christ follower. Hootowl. Hufflepuff. Lotringer. Sherlockian. The Walking Dead. Trekkie. Whovian. Love the rain. Enjoy the cold. I greatly enjoy archery, tea, all things pumpkin spice, and you. A variety of things from my ridiculous and odd mind.

Live well, love much, laugh often. This is me. Submission

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The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song) | Copeland
— You Are My Sunshine (2008)

As sure as the floor ‘neath my toes, and somehow not surprised that I was superimposed somehow in this life. And if my friends and my foes would just drop me a line that’d be nice.

You see love is a drink that goes straight to my head. And time is a lover and I’m caught in her stead. And the sentiment there follows me straight to my bed through the night.

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